PSPhere – Your Patient Relationship and Benefits Management Tool 

Currently one of the most dynamic sectors, HealthTech is the fastest growing vertical within the healthcare industry. Its impact has been accelerated by COVID-19, driven by a need for innovative and accessible technological infrastructure to aid pandemic responsiveness.

HealthTech has enabled patient care to be delivered beyond the clinic or hospital into practical environments for patients and their caregivers. These technology-enabled products and services provide mobility, extension of care, completeness of care, decreased costs, and greater understanding of patient needs in any number of combinations.

Centered on optimizing treatment management or preventative care, HealthTech’s greatest value lies in closing the loop or filling in the gaps in the patient journey that traditionally have been hard to achieve. 

By employing the right technologies, patients, providers, and payers stand to benefit from innovative and robust HealthTech products and services.

PSPhere: Optimizing Patient Relationships and Benefits Management

DKSH’s foray into the world of HealthTech started with the launch of PSPhere (previously known as the DKSH PSP Cloud) for our biopharmaceuticals and medical device clients. Designed to increase responsiveness in communications, extend care beyond the pill, develop depth of understanding by following the patient journey into real-world environments, and coordinating care between stakeholders, PSPhere establishes both patient-centricity and engagement at the heart of the treatment and care delivery pathway.

In order to deliver on the promises of innovative technology, PSPhere is designed with key functions in mind that solve current, relevant needs while paving the road for long-term, future-proofed use.

Enhancing Patient Engagement Capacities

Healthcare structures are complex and include multiple stakeholders; patients need to be informed, empowered, and motivated to own their care pathway. They are also vital sources of information for the improvement and design of processes, systems, products, services, and campaigns.

Improved engagement and communications benefit multiple parties in the healthcare system. Engaging patients builds their health literacy, better equipping them to make informed decisions about their care. Responsive systems can also be set up to employ resources in more efficient and effective ways, aligned with patient needs and priorities.

DKSH’s PSPhere enables two-way communication between patients and all stakeholders involved in the care journey. Patients on our platform have access to omni-channel communications to guide them in their treatment. We assembled dedicated PSP call centers within each market to facilitate and localize tailored communication between patients, their doctors and nurses. This helps moves the dialogue between all involved parties towards mutual accountability and understanding, improving the overall patient experience. Data and insights can be drawn from each interaction through PSPhere.

Administering Benefits to Patients

PSPhere enables benefits management to patients to improve access, adherence, and convenience. It monitors the deployment of the benefits according to prespecified rules that help to minimize product or value leakage and enhance compliance through the controls we include in our proprietary workflows that have been extensively tested in-market. See the illustration below for examples of what benefits could look like, depending on the needs of the patients.

Establishing Strict Compliance and Ethics Protocols

Collecting both positive and negative information and data about patient experience and outcomes is a key component to enhancing the patient journey. PSPhere emphasizes total compliance with personal data privacy.

Data about the patient journey is collected only with consent. We’ve designed PSPhere with strong security and authentication controls in place, PSPhere integrates state-of-the-art security software and practices to ensure all patient health and financial data is kept safe against data leaks and breaches.

Our systems are fully compliant with all security and privacy requirements defined by regulatory bodies in the industry, including national and local authorities. Every engagement is managed by standard operating procedures (SOPs) and are centrally documented and auditable in best-in-class secure cloud data servers. We take data privacy and patients’ control over their information very seriously.

Customizing for Widely Differing Priorities

Across the full scope of treatment types, real-world environment conditions, patient needs, and healthcare systems, there is a distinct need for customizability and ease of integration. DKSH PSPhere’s interoperability and modular nature guarantees that workflows can be customized and standardized in parallel for brands or portfolios and by markets or regions.

Our platform works with leading application programming interface (API) providers, allowing easy integration with other third-party applications. We intentionally designed PSPhere to be able to easily plug into external setups (HealthTech apps and consumer medical devices to name a few). With this built-in functionality, we’re seeding within the healthcare ecosystem, support for patients to solve problems along their care continuum.

Building Timely Insights

A key advantage of PSPhere is our real-time reporting function, essential to developing responsive and accurate insights. Monitoring and tracking engagement data is essential to improving patient outcomes and addressing inefficiencies in healthcare delivery. Our user-friendly dashboards, with flexible reporting capabilities, keep patients and doctors involved. For biopharmaceuticals and medical device clients, this means seeing anonymized and cohort-level insight about your brand performance in the real-world in real-time so you can monitor and adjust business decisions according to the needs of the stakeholders.

In their email newsletter on June 30, 2021, our friends at Galen Growth posed the following question, “Is your Patient Support Program digital yet?”

Our answer: Yes; PSPhere is used by leading biopharmaceutical and medical device clients of ours for their brands and is currently live across markets in Southeast and North Asia. PSPhere is set to expand further across the Asia Pacific region by the end of the year. Every day, we enroll more patients and doctors on the platform to ensure patients get the care and outcomes they deserve.

Today’s cloud-based solutions are set to revolutionize healthcare as they integrate workflows and improve engagement between patients, clinical researchers, and healthcare professionals.

The days of dreaming of streamlined processes, automated routine medical care tasks, seamless patient experience, and the consolidation of patient information are over. It is truly here and available now with PSPhere.